The big table of post-quantum friendly OPRFs

Communcation complexity, rounds and security assumptions are according to the referenced papers and not analyzed independently. Several contributions are also not published yet. The table is roughly grouped by the used cryptographic primitives. If you would like your OPRF included in this table or want an update, please contact me!

work assumption rounds comm. cost security(C-S) no preproc. no trusted setup verifiable available
ADDS21 R(LWE)+SIS 2 2 MB semihonest-semihonest YES YES NO YES
ADDS21 R(LWE)+SIS 2 128 GB malicious-malicious YES YES YES NO
ADDG23 mod(2,3)+lattices 2 2.5 MB+10 KB malicious-semihonest YES YES NO NO
ADDG23 mod(2,3)+lattices 2 2.5 MB+160 KB malicious-semihonest YES YES YES NO
DGH+21 mod(2,3) 2 1836 bits semihonest-semihonest NO NO NO NO
SHB23 Legendre PRF 3 gamma * 13 kB semihonest-semihonest NO YES YES NO
KCM24 Legendre PRF 2 ? semihonest-semihonest NO YES YES YES
BDFH24 Legendre PRF as 2HashDH 9 911 KB malicious-malicious NO YES NO1 NO
FOO23 AES+GC 2 6.79MB semihonest-semihonest YES YES NO YES
Basso23 Isogenies F_p^2 2 3.0 MB malicious-malicious YES NO NO NO
Basso23 Isogenies F_p^2 2 8.7 MB malicious-malicious YES NO YES NO
Basso24 Higher-Dimensional isogenies 2 28.9 kB malicious-malicious YES YES YES YES
BKW20 Isogenies F_p + lattices 2 20.54 kB semihonest-semihonest YES NO NO NO
BKW20 Isogenies F_p + lattices 4 34.88 kB malicious-semihonest YES NO NO NO
HHM+23 Isogenies F_p + lattices + HE OT 2 640 kB semihonest-semihonest YES YES NO YES
HHM+23 Isogenies F_p 258 24.7 kB semihonest-semihonest YES YES NO YES
dSP23 Isogenies F_p 2 384 bytes malicious-semihonest NO YES YES NO
dSP23 Isogenies F_p 2 16.38 kB malicious-semihonest YES YES YES NO
1 Possible according to paper, but not discussed in terms of communcation overhead.

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